Osmo Product Launches

Guiding the initial user journey with new products

Creative Director, Designer

Brand, UX, Campaign, Art Direction

As the Creative Director at Osmo, I lead and manage the design team on the development of creatives and design across all customer touch points - including web, app, paid media, social media, print and packaging, photo and video.


I'm responsible for working with the marketing and product leads to strategize and execute on a launch plan - a coordinated strategic effort across multiple channels to support the announcement of a new product.


During my time at Osmo, I’ve launched over 10 products and multiple co-branded partnerships with Disney, Hot Wheels, and Amazon.

Launching a game - Osmo Detective Agency

We applied these user journeys to one of our most recent launches, a new game called Detective Agency. It's a pretend play experience for kids that combines a classic search-and-find game with digital fun - think Where's Waldo meets Carmen Sandiego!

For our asset strategy, we wanted to ensure that we created assets across video and digital ads that generated enough interest and awareness for our core audience. In doing so, we also wanted to be cognizant of the difference between our new versus returning audiences. The main difference between the two audiences was that for our new audience - we would be more brand-focused and showcase the product and how it works, versus, and for our existing audience - we would be more conversion focused.

Mapping the Osmo user journey

I mapped a high-level user journey for our primary customer - a mom with kids between ages 5-8. Our mom is tech savvy and always on the lookout for products she feels are good and healthy for her kids. She has mixed feelings about screen time but sees it as a necessary part of modern life. 


The goal of this user journey was to map the user experience from not knowing Osmo (Awareness) to becoming an active member of our Osmo community (Loyalty Expansion) - so the team is always conscious of the primary context and mindset of users during any particular point of a project.

For our product launches, the team focuses on the initial stages of customer acquisition - from awareness to purchase. When narrowing in on this part of the user journey, I then segmented the audience further into new users versus returning users.

Developing a campaign toolkit

With our asset strategy set - I then developed a core asset toolkit that would tie the campaign together. The game was based on a detective agency, so the launch campaign was going to have a vintage, smoky feel with a fun, character twist - representing the game experience. 

Creating a campaign to generate awareness

Combining our asset strategy with our campaign toolkit, I worked side-by-side with a team of illustrators, designers, and photographers to generate a body of work that would serve to generate awareness around our new product launch. This included videos, landing pages, emails, banners, digital ads, social assets, and more.