Osmo myWords

Creating a tool for building custom albums


Product, UX/UI, Web

Osmo myWords is an web application that allows Osmo users to manage custom content for the Words game. On the platform, users can browse and download public albums, and they can also create custom albums of their own.


I was the design lead on the project - responsible for all design work and collaborating with product and engineering to develop the experience from wireframe to execution.

In the first iteration of the custom album creator, I began by wireframing the basic flow of building an album via online search or image uploads.

Developing interfaces for multiple screens

We wanted to ensure the interface was optimized both on desktop and on tablet, the two interfaces our users most commonly use for account management.

Renaming albums

Uploading images

Iterating based on teacher feedback

After the initial launch of the platform - we tested it with some of our most avid users - teachers. Based on their feedback, we decided to add additional features.

Easier tagging of images with keywords and difficulty

Privacy settings

Editing and deleting tags

Impact and reception

Since releasing in 2016, more than 1,100 Words albums have been created and almost 7 million Words albums have been downloaded. The most popular words albums include sight words and CVC words, and ABCs, indicating custom albums are most popular within school and educational contexts.