Osmo for Schools

Rethinking experiences for our school users

Creative Director, Designer

Product, Brand, Research, Print

Osmo was built as a consumer product, but it has organically grown a significant teacher following over the past few years. School-based users were one of our fastest growing segments, and we wanted to better support this growth. To do this we wanted to build a product that is optimized for classroom use as well as reposition Osmo as a reputable educational brand.

I led the design team across all phases of this project. I worked with our industrial designer with qualitative research, identifying opportunities, and prototyping and designing our physical product. I also managed our photographer and graphic designer in developing a new brand identity, and I designed the web and print material to support the brand shift.

Developing the Classroom Kit

We started with classroom observations, teacher interviews, and other customer service feedback. We noticed that the packaging was seldom used, instead that game pieces were stored in more compact ways. Additionally, teachers often made sets out of our individual products for easier setup and tear down.

After developing various prototypes and testing these within classrooms, we make the Classroom Kit - sets of washable plastic game pieces in efficient storage cases and modular stacking bins.

Creating a typeface for early learners

A new typeface was developed to support early learners - ensuring maximum readability and with consideration to avoid any confusion.

Building a reputable educational brand

In order to scale growth for our educational market, we needed to build a reputable educational brand that would resonate with our core sales audience - administrators and superintendents. We built a logo that would represent our educational side - something stately and with authority.