Building hands-on experiences to inspire a new generation of makers

Design Lead

Product, UX/UI, Art Direcion, Web, App

KiwiCo (formerly known as Kiwi Crate) produces monthly subscriptions of hands-on projects for kids of all ages.


I was led and managed the teams for Koala Crate, the early childhood line, and Doodle Crate, the arts and crafts line. I was responsible for the full product development cycle - from conception, design, product testing, and sourcing, to meet margins and customer satisfaction goals. I also managed the development of monthly collateral and video content to support the subscription crates.

Above from left to right:  1. Prototyping Koala Crate projects for a kit on reptiles.  2. Art directing product and lifestyle photography.  3. Development of content and illustrations for a monthly Koala Crate magazine.  4. Shipping to customers!

Below:  Instructional videos for Doodle Crate, the crafting line for kids 7-12. 

I was also the lead designer for all digital products, including the website - designing our subscription and ecommerce flows.

And I designed the mobile app, Kiwi Corner, a resource for DIY projects and activities for kids.