Habbi Habbi

Developing a toy store brand for modern parents


Brand, Identity, Print

Habbi Habbi is a toy store concept at the Stanford Shopping Center that creates an experiential space that mixes elements of museum, home and play room. The store contains a carefully curated selection of toys from around the world that inspire both kids and adults alike. The products are arranged by values rather than traditional product categories - aiming to be a resource for modern parents who aspire to nurture a next generation that is happy, healthy, humble.

I designed the identity of the brand - including the logotype, color palette, environmental graphics, and print material. 

Exploring the Brand

I worked with the founders in the initial exploration of the brand identity. We began our process by talking about what qualities they wanted their new store to embody. Through visual exercises and mood boards, we figured out what felt right and worked on refining.

The Minimalist

a clean, focused space that allows product to shine 

The Bright and Bold

an energetic, inspiring space that's fun and exuberant

The Makerspace

a creative workshop for kids to tinker and experiment

Developing the Logo

We narrowed to a core set of values - fun, innovative, aspirational, joyful - that should be embodied across the brand. We did a broad first round of exploration—as there were a lot of different styles that that I felt could express those values.

Expressing the Habbi Habbi Brand

We landed on a multicolored custom logotype that was bold, expressive, and playful - representing the vision of a modern parenting and toy company.